PowerPoint Entrance and Exit Effects for Great Animation

Whenever you think of a presentation application, the first name that will come to your mind is PowerPoint. Though there are other similar applications available today, PowerPoint is still leading the way. The beauty of PowerPoint lies in its easy interface and outstanding animation options. You can make your presentation live with these PowerPoint entrance

android phone

Sync Outlook with Android Device for a Seamless Experience

If you are using Outlook as your email companion, then it is worth it to sync Outlook with Android phone. That way you can receive emails and give replies even on the go or when you are in a remote location. Another advantage is that if you are in contact with someone by email and


Learning HTML5: Basics of Web Design for the Beginners

HTML is used by web developers to create stunning websites. Now the latest version of HTML is available. HTML has made web designing more comfortable. If you are only starting to learn how to design websites then you should learn the basic concepts of HTML. Creating a Web Page using HTML 5 You can create

Microsoft Excel certification

Get Microsoft Excel Certified: The Best Guide

Getting a Microsoft Excel Certification in 2024 can land you in a high-paid job. It’s one of the most demanding certifications today. Excel is a vital tool for any business; as a result, companies are constantly looking for Microsoft Excel certified professionals. Why get Microsoft Excel certified? Once you get Microsoft Excel certified, your chances

Animated presentations

PowerPoint vs Prezi: Unveiling the Best Animated Presentation Software

A visually appealing presentation can keep the audience engaged throughout the session. Instead of preparing boring text-based presentations only, you can now create animated presentations using PowerPoint and Prezi. Both software have unique features to make your presentation more aesthetic. Though Prezi cannot exceed the popularity of PowerPoint, some unique functionalities of Prezi make it

MS Word shortcuts

Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word: 10 Most Powerful Ones

We often need to work in Microsoft Word for writing letters, reports, articles, and many other things. It is a widely and most frequently used everyday software. While the interface is friendly it is still helpful to know the shortcuts to various Microsoft Word functions. These shortcut keys can save a lot of time and

developing website

6 Tips For Becoming A Professional Web Designer

If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a professional web designer then you have made a wise decision. Today there is high demand for professional web designers. Almost all businesses have an online presence. Therefore, a good website has become an integral part of any business, whether it is online or offline. A

book cover design

Step-By-Step Guide For Creating A Book Cover In MS Word Using Templates

If you think you must hire a professional designer to create your book cover, then think again! MS Word now has templates to help you design your book cover without hassle and in a short time. Before you start designing your book cover in MS Word using templates, you need to do a bit of

Embedding videos

Embedding Videos in PowerPoint Presentation: The Dos and Don’ts Guide

You can make your PowerPoint presentation stand out by including videos. You can best communicate your message clearly to the audience through videos. It also makes your presentation interesting and attractive. According to a Forrester Research study, people understand 50% more information through video and can retain the information for a long time. By embedding


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