Learning HTML5: Basics of Web Design for the Beginners

Learning HTML5: Basics of Web Design for the Beginners

HTML is used by web developers to create stunning websites. Now the latest version of HTML is available. HTML has made web designing more comfortable. If you are only starting to learn how to design websites then you should learn the basic concepts of HTML.

Creating a Web Page using HTML 5

You can create a simple website using HTML5 with basic coding. First, you should open Notepad or Dreamweaver as your text editor to write down the codes. The fundamental structure of the code is this:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title> Web page title</title>



Content for display.




This code is specific to HTML5. It informs your browser that it is an HTML5 document. You should start your coding with DOCTYPE as it is part of the HTML standard.


This tag indicates the start of an HTML document. Your coding will end with the </HTML> tag. Without these tags, your page will not be displayed properly.


The ‘head’ tag contains metadata about the document, such as title and style sheets. It is required for machine processing. Like the HTML tag, it also has a closing tag </head>. This tag also encloses the title of the document.


This tag tells the title of your web page. It appears on the browser. This tag is very important as it allows search engines to understand what your page is about. It will also tell the readers what content to expect on your web page.


This is where all the contents of your web page will go. You will add texts, pictures, tables, lists, and videos. This is the content you want to display on your web page. Some of the common elements of <body> tag include <p> for paragraph, <b> for bold, <i> for italic, <font> for font, and others.

Difference between HTML and HTML5

HTML5 contains all the elements of HTML along with many new functionalities. Here is a list of the new elements you will find in HTML5.

  • Supports audio and video
  • Supports Scalable Vector Graphics, Canvas, and others
  • Uses SQL databases and local storage for temporary data storage
  • Fixes incorrect HTML code
  • Includes new elements such as ‘section’, ‘nav’, ‘canvas’, ‘menu’, ‘article’, and others.
  • Makes it easy to create a mobile-friendly website
  • Provides better security


If you already know HTML then it will be very easy for you to learn HTML5. Everything that is there in HTML is also included in HTML5. In the latter, you only learn some advanced elements and get more benefits. With the new elements introduced in HTML, you can add better audio, graphics, and videos to make your website more appealing. With simple coding, you can create a user-friendly website to increase your website traffic. HTML5 is compatible with all the latest operating systems. You will find tutorials and courses online to learn advanced-level HTML5. Knowing HTML5 you can stand out from the other web developers and you will get more chances of being hired as a professional web developer by companies.

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