Tips for Ensuring Consistency in Presentation: PowerPoint or Keynote

Tips for Ensuring Consistency in Presentation: PowerPoint or Keynote

Whether you are creating your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote, it is not easy to capture your audience for the entire duration of a presentation. In many cases, the audience will lose the connection with you. For creating a good presentation consistency throughout the presentation is important. Here are some tips for ensuring consistency in presentation.

PowerPoint or Keynote

PowerPoint has become synonymous with presentations. Its popularity is worldwide among all types of users. Keynote, on the other hand, is meant for the Mac users. This iOS-compatible software has also become popular for its outstanding features and functionalities. It is a preferred choice for business professionals and educators. Though both PowerPoint and Keynote have similar features, here are some extras that you can find in Keynote.

  • It has a drag-and-drop option to add images and objects to the slides.
  • The animations are much more advanced.
  • The selection of themes is huge.
  • Provides iCloud integration which allows collaboration with other Mac users.

When it comes to consistency, you should apply the same idea whether you are using PowerPoint or Keynote. Both the software will help you create a wonderful presentation.

Things to consider for bringing consistency in presentation

A consistent presentation is a treat to the eyes. At the same time, it conveys messages. Here are some tips to ensure consistency throughout the presentation using PowerPoint or Keynote.

Come up with a style guide

You should first decide on the visual elements of the presentation. This includes the images, logos, colors, icons, and other things. Being consistent with these elements will provide a coherent identity. For example, the headings and sub-headings must be of similar sizes, fonts, and colors. Also, the background of each slide and styles of images must be similar too.

Use appropriate themes and templates

In both PowerPoint and Keynotes, you will find a choice of templates and themes. You should choose one that matches your style guide. The templates and themes save your time and provide a uniform look.

Ensure consistent layout and structure

Make sure you follow the same layout and structure all the time. This will give the contents of your presentation a logical flow. You can arrange the charts, tables, and other objects including white spaces properly for visual aesthetics and understanding. You must be consistent with the type of heading and sub-heading you choose for your slides.

Use fonts wisely

You can use a few font styles in your presentation. Use fonts that are clear and easy for audiences to read. You should highlight the important texts in ‘bold’, ‘italics’,

Add animations and proper transitions

Animations will make your slides more exciting. However, too much animation can distract the audience from the actual information you are trying to present. You must also have a proper slide-to-slide transition.


By ensuring consistency in your presentation, you will make your presentation more effective. It will help the audience to stay focused and not get distracted due to inconsistencies. It gives your presentation a professional image. When creating the slides your objective should be to add all the pieces together in a way that delivers the message you want to give to the audience. The contents and elements in your slides should convince the audience about what you are trying to say.

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