3 Best Ways to Sync Your Outlook Calendar with iPhone

3 Best Ways to Sync Your Outlook Calendar with iPhone

Microsoft Outlook offers a bundle of useful solutions for readers from managing emails and contacts to maintaining calendars and journals. It is a handy software for busy people. The use of mobile phones has increased; people are using their smartphones to complete office tasks. Many professionals are working remotely. So, mobile phones have become a necessity in their professional lives. it’s become mandatory to sync Outlook calendar with their phones. If you are using iPhone, then you should learn the ways to sync your Outdoor calendar with  iPhone.


First, you need to enable the iTunes plugin. Then connect it to the computer. Once iTunes opens, you will have to select Outlook and then the options ‘sync contacts with’ and ‘sync calendars with’. Your Outlook will be synced to your iPhone. One drawback of this method is that, every time you need to sync Outlook, you have to connect the phone to your computer.


This method is ideal for groups of a minimum of five people. It is a cloud-based option to sync your Outlook calendar with iPhone. When you log into HyperOffice, you will find HyperShare. Go to Settings and then ‘Mobile Sync’. You need to set up your phone by providing details such as the model, manufacturer, and others. Then add your phone number and continue. You will receive a code in your phone for verification. You need to click ‘verify’. A list of data items will appear. You need to select the ones you want to sync. The advantage of this method is that you can use the Internet to sync Outlook with your phone. Along with the iPhone HyperOffice can be used with other phones like Nokia, Android, and Blackberry.

Microsoft Exchange

You need to go to your Outlook account first using Microsoft Exchange. Then on your iPhone go to Settings, then choose Mail, contacts, and calendars. Select ‘Add account’ and choose ‘Exchange’.  You should then fill out your details, such as email, username, and password. In your iPhone, you will now see the data types that you may choose to sync. Once you select them, your Outlook will be synced to iPhone. This is a very secure way to sync your data.


Sometimes, you may face issues when syncing your Outlook to your iPhone. One common issue people face with syncing with iTunes is that they forget to enable the syncing option on their iPhones. For any kind of support regarding troubleshooting, you can contact the Apple support team. By syncing your contacts, emails, and calendars with your iPhone, you can stay updated when you are not in front of your PC. Your chances of missing an important meeting or failing to reply to an important business email will decrease. You will be more efficient in your work. You can use any of the methods described here for syncing your Outlook items securely without losing any data.

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