Using Graphic Illustrations in Web Design

Using Graphic Illustrations in Web Design

With most companies now having an online presence through a website, it has become mandatory to create websites with unique designs to stand out. One of the best ways to do so is to include graphic illustrations in web design. It can add a new dimension to your website and keep your audiences engaged.

Benefits of using graphic illustrations in web design

Graphic illustrations add an aesthetic appeal to your website. You can express a concept more easily with illustrations than with words. Customers, on the other hand, also understand illustrations better than words. So, it’s a win-win situation for both companies and customers. Illustrations also add a positive image to your brand personality. It adds a personal touch that differentiates your brand from others. Illustrations provide customers with a better experience by guiding them properly through the site and helping them take appropriate actions.

Using graphic illustrations properly in web design

Your website won’t look good even with graphic illustrations unless you know how to use them properly in web design. Here are some tips you should remember when adding illustrations to your website.

  • You should first choose a style that will be completely aligned with your brand personality. ‍For example, if your brand sells baby products, then you can choose bright and fun colors. But if you are running a law firm then you have to use undertone colors for a professional look.
  • Throughout the website, your illustrations should be consistent in terms of feel and look. For example, if you are using hand-drawn illustrations then stick to it. Don’t go back and forth with 3D and other styles.
  • You should be mindful about the size of your file as a big file may slow down your website.
  • The quality of the image must be of utmost importance. Low-quality images will distract your audience.
  • Make sure you give proper captions to the illustrations for easy readability.
  • Your website shouldn’t be packed with illustrations. It should have the right balance of text, white spaces, and graphics.

Best Illustration resources for your website

To add eye-catching illustrations to your website, you need the right tools. Here are a few tools that are worth mentioning.


You can create customized illustrations with it. They have ready-made elements to help you create your illustrations. You can unleash your creativity with this free tool.


You can customize beautiful illustrations that are made by artists all over the world. You can later download them and use them on your website. It offers both free and paid subscription plans.


This tool is good for creating illustrations for e-commerce stores or social media platforms. You can design product images comfortably with it.


Having good illustrations can make your website memorable. You can experiment with different illustrations and then decide which one goes well with your brand identity. You can significantly improve the look and functionality of your website by including graphic illustrations in a planned manner. If the users have a good experience navigating through your site then they will keep on revisiting.


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