Things You Must Know About Microsoft Word

Things You Must Know About Microsoft Word

If you are looking for software to create professional-looking reports, documents, or letters then you will think of using Microsoft Word. It is one of the most used software in the world. It is a very handy tool for processing words. Along with entering and editing data, you can do a whole range of work with it. Understanding the features and uses of Microsoft Word can help you utilize this software at its best.


The basic typing and editing features of MS Word are very smooth. You can easily change, delete, or insert data by moving your cursor anywhere in the document. Navigating through the document is fast with different short-cut keys. It has the ‘auto-save’ feature that saves your document in intervals. So, in case you lose power to face any other issue with your device, you won’t lose your work as it will be automatically saved.

The formatting tool of Microsoft Word is very extensive. You can customize your document to the deepest level. From choosing layout and borders to line spacing, positing, and styling, everything can be done in MS Word.

You can create all kinds of elements in your document with MS Word. Complicated tasks like preparing a business proposal or an academic report include tables, graphs, shapes, and other objects. You will find everything in Microsoft Word. Creating tables and charts is very convenient. There are lots of styling and color options to make your table and chart look attractive. You can choose from various types of charts including bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and others. All you need to do is add the values and MS Word will place the values at the right places to produce the graph.

You will find useful features like spell check, word count, and others. The ‘References’ tab will help you to finalize your document. There are options for creating a table of contents, bibliography, and table of figures. These features are extremely helpful in writing a thesis and different formal documents.


You can use MS Word for preparing your academic assignments and reports. Even teachers can use MS Word to create their class lessons. Even if you are writing a journal, article, or a book, you can rely on MS Word. In the workplace also you can use MS Word for writing formal letters, applications, bills, reports, legal and financial papers, and more.


The interface of Microsoft Word is user-friendly. All the features are self-explanatory. So, you can just keep on exploring the various tools and keep improving your documents. The latest version of MS Word has more interesting features to make your work more convenient. For any kind of writing work, nothing beats Microsoft Word. The wide range of customization available will make your document unique and more appealing. MS Word is still the best software for formatting documents. As it is available in your Windows device by default, you can start using it right away.

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