Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word: 10 Most Powerful Ones

Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word: 10 Most Powerful Ones

We often need to work in Microsoft Word for writing letters, reports, articles, and many other things. It is a widely and most frequently used everyday software. While the interface is friendly it is still helpful to know the shortcuts to various Microsoft Word functions. These shortcut keys can save a lot of time and eliminate the hassle of dragging your mouse to the right button or searching for the desired option. Before you look at the shortcut keys you should understand that ‘+’ means you must press the keys together and ‘,’ means you must press the keys in order. Here is a list of some powerful shortcut keys for Microsoft Word that you can use.

Ctrl + n: New Document

If you want to create a new blank document then press the ‘ctrl’ key and ‘n’. You can also use this shortcut to look for templates. You can use this shortcut to quickly start a new task without interrupting your previous tasks.

Ctrl + o: Open Document

By using this shortcut you won’t have to go to the file menu and select the ‘open’ option. You can quickly open the document you want to view or work on.

Ctrl + w: Close Document

This shortcut key quickly closes your current document so that you can work on other documents or finish your work for the day. Before closing the document, a pop-up window will appear asking you whether you want to save or not save the document before closing. You also get the option to cancel your action.

Ctrl + x: Cut

It is used to cut a chosen text in MS Word. When you use this shortcut your selected text will be cut. The text will disappear from the document but you can paste it in other places.

Ctrl + c: Copy

This shortcut key is used in MS Word to copy text or objects. You must first select the text you want to copy and then press ‘ctrl’ along with ‘c’ to copy the text.

Ctrl + v: Paste

Once you have cut or copied a text, you may decide to paste it somewhere. Using ‘ctrl + v’ you can paste the text in your desired location. Just make sure to move the cursor to the right place before applying the shortcut. When pasting the text you will find several options such as ‘paste with original formatting’, ‘merge formatting’, ‘text only’, or ‘picture’.

Ctrl + z: Undo

This shortcut key in Microsoft Word lets you undo your last action in the document. For example, if you have deleted a text then pressing ‘ctrl + z’ will bring the deleted text back to the document.

Ctrl + y: Redo

If you want to redo what you have undone using ‘undo’ then press ‘ctrl + y’. This shortcut key saves you from losing the last action that you may have accidentally done.

Ctrl + s: Save

To save a document that you have edited, you should press ‘ctrl + s’. Your contents won’t be lost in case of power failure or other issues once you save the document.

Ctrl + a: Select All

This shortcut key in Microsoft Word will select the entire text in your document. You can then format the entire document if you want to; for example, change the font type or size.


You can be more productive and efficient in work by using these MS Word shortcuts. These keys not only save you time but also help to avoid mistakes. The shortcuts are easy to remember as most of them have the first letter of the function you want to perform like ‘n’ for new documents and ‘s’ for saving documents. These shortcuts are very helpful indeed.

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