Embedding Videos in PowerPoint Presentation: The Dos and Don’ts Guide

Embedding Videos in PowerPoint Presentation: The Dos and Don’ts Guide

You can make your PowerPoint presentation stand out by including videos. You can best communicate your message clearly to the audience through videos. It also makes your presentation interesting and attractive. According to a Forrester Research study, people understand 50% more information through video and can retain the information for a long time. By embedding videos in your PowerPoint presentation slides you can also share more information quickly. If you don’t know how to include a video in your presentation, here is a complete guide for you.

Embedding YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentation

Suppose you want to add videos from YouTube. You can follow these simples steps to do so.

Step 1: Go to YouTube and choose the video you want to share.

Step 2: Click on the ‘share’ option below the video and choose ‘embed’ from the options that appear. Step 3: You will see an HTML code that you need to copy this code.

Step 4: Go to your presentation, and choose the option Insert -> Videos-> Online Videos.

Step 6: Paste the code you copied into the blank bar.

Step 7: Press ‘Insert’ and your video will be inserted. You can adjust the size and position of the video according to your preference.

Sometimes you may want to share part of the video with your audience. You can use the ‘YouTube clip feature’ to make a snippet of the original video. The length of the snippet will be 5 to 60 seconds. You access this feature you need a YouTube account.

Videos from offline sources

If you don’t want to play the video using an internet connection, then you have to download the video first as an mp4. Here are the steps. You will need a third-party downloader such as the 4K Downloader app to upload the video in PowerPoint. Here are the steps.

Stop 1: Download the 4K Downloader app on your device.

Step 2:  In the app, you will find a ‘Paste link’ button. Copy the URL link from the YouTube video and paste it there. You will find this in your Downloads folder or in a folder named ‘4K Video Downloader’.

Step 3: Go to your PowerPoint slide and go to Insert -> Video -> Video from file. Find your video from the specific folder and double-click it. Your video will be inserted and you can adjust the size and placement of your video if you want to.

Reasons videos may not run

People often encounter problems when inserting videos on PowerPoint slides. You should ensure that your video is in the right format; otherwise, it won’t play. Make sure that you choose the right file path and location. You may need to adjust the video playback settings. You need to clear junk files and try reinserting the video in case your video doesn’t play.

Final thoughts

You can give the audience a good experience by embedding videos in your PowerPoint presentation. You can keep your audience attentive throughout your presentation. Videos are a very effective tool for communication and you can boost your presentation to a new level by adding interesting videos to your slides.

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