PowerPoint Entrance and Exit Effects for Great Animation

PowerPoint Entrance and Exit Effects for Great Animation

Whenever you think of a presentation application, the first name that will come to your mind is PowerPoint. Though there are other similar applications available today, PowerPoint is still leading the way. The beauty of PowerPoint lies in its easy interface and outstanding animation options. You can make your presentation live with these PowerPoint entrance and exit effects. PowerPoint offers various entrance and exit effects. You will now learn how to use these effects properly in your presentation.

Adding entrance effect

You will find the entrance effect in the ‘Animations’ tab of PowerPoint. Entrance effects will make a text or object in your PowerPoint slide appear. It adds a ‘surprise’ effect for the audience. They will anticipate what’s about to come compared to already knowing what’s on the slide when no entrance animation is applied.

To apply this effect you need to select the text on your slide first. The various entrance effects will be enabled and you can select one. You can immediately see the effect on your screen when you select the option. Therefore, you can decide whether to use it or not. For each effect, there are several effect options. For example, if you choose the effect ‘Random Bars’, then you can find effect options ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’. That is, you can select either horizontal random bars or vertical random bars. The ‘Fly Out’ effect has several effect options like, ‘top’, ‘bottom’, top right’, and more.

Once you add the effect, other options get enabled to customize your effect. For example, you can choose to start with a ‘mouse click’, ‘with previous’ slide, or ‘after previous’ slide. You can select the timing of the effects too. If you have multiple text sections or objects in your size, you can reorder the appearance of these texts and objects. You can add motion path, sound, and whether the text will appear by letter, word, or as a whole.

Adding exit effect

The exit effect is similar to the entrance effect. It provides the style in which your texts and objects will leave the slide. You will have the same choices that you had in the entrance effect. Here is a list of the most demanding entrance and exit animations.

Appear: Flashes in fast

Fly-in: Flies from one side of the screen

Fade: Fades in

Random: The object appears in bars.

Grow and turn: The image or text will spin out and zoom in. Then it will stop.

Bounce: The object will bounce and eventually come to rest.

Swivel: The object will swivel around 360 degrees before stopping.


You can customize your presentation with these wonderful PowerPoint entrance and exit effects. They are eye-catching and will keep the audience attentive throughout your presentation. You can also highlight your texts or objects with these special effects. Your slides will be more readable. With so many customizable options, your presentation will be unique and appealing. Try experimenting with different effects to see which one goes well with your slide.

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