6 Tips For Becoming A Professional Web Designer

6 Tips For Becoming A Professional Web Designer

If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a professional web designer then you have made a wise decision. Today there is high demand for professional web designers. Almost all businesses have an online presence. Therefore, a good website has become an integral part of any business, whether it is online or offline. A good website can attract more customers. So, businesses always seek talented web designers to create their websites. Here are some tips for becoming a good web designer.

Enroll in courses

If you have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Graphic Design, then it is easy for you to learn web design. You will be already familiar with many web design theories. You can then do a short course on web designing from a training institute. You will also find good courses online and tutorials on YouTube to learn web designing. A few certifications are needed to showcase your expertise in the field. You need to have strong command in the following areas of web designing.

Web design theory: You must understand web design theories which include layout, color theory, topography, user experience, and interface. You can join online courses on Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and others.

Coding: Though there are free templates available online for web designing, knowing coding will be an added advantage. You need to be familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Responsive design: People today look into various websites using different devices like PCs, laptops, or mobile phones. Your web design should be such that it appears in the best condition despite the device chosen.

Search engine optimization (SEO): Unless your website is well-optimized, the website you created won’t rank well. You should incorporate various SEO elements in your web design including keywords, links, metadata, and others.

Web design tools: Today excellent web design tools are available to make your web designing journey comfortable. You should learn about WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Canva, Figma, HubSpot, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and others.

Design a portfolio

To get a job as a professional web designer, you must have a strong portfolio. Here you must demonstrate your best work and highlight achievements as a web designer. You must include your academic qualifications as well.

Get practical experience

You can start by creating a personal website. You shouldn’t hesitate to pick any small project. Don’t worry about the money, just take up any small jobs. This will strengthen your resume.


Gain soft skills

Just being good at coding isn’t enough to become a successful web designer. You should develop soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and time management skills. To design a good website, you should be able to communicate well with the clients. You will encounter various problems on the website later on; so, you should have the necessary skills to solve them within a short time. Time management is crucial to web designing as you have to meet deadlines.


You must join online web designers’ communities to exchange knowledge and seek help if needed. You can use platforms like LinkedIn to stay connected with other web designers. You should attend web design conferences to meet more people in the industry and extend your professional networks to increase your chances of getting jobs.

Start applying for jobs

You can get both full-time and freelance jobs as a web designer. You can apply in different online job portals or use freelance platforms to secure a good job.


The scope of having a bright future as a professional web designer is huge. This profession requires creativity and technical knowledge. You must stay updated with the latest web designing trends to create a modern website for your client that meets all their requirements.

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