Sync Outlook with Android Device for a Seamless Experience

Sync Outlook with Android Device for a Seamless Experience

If you are using Outlook as your email companion, then it is worth it to sync Outlook with Android phone. That way you can receive emails and give replies even on the go or when you are in a remote location. Another advantage is that if you are in contact with someone by email and don’t have the phone number on your Android phone, then you can still call them. There are several ways to sync Outlook with Android.

Sync contacts with the Outlook app

You can access the Outlook account using the Outlook app on your Android device. You need to sign in to your Outlook account first. Then open the Outlook app on mobile and sign in using the app. You should allow Outlook to access the contacts.

To get the Outlook app for Android, you should go to the settings and then apps. You should find the Outlook app from the list of apps there. Then click ‘Permissions’ then ‘Contacts’ and then ‘Allow’. To sync you should open Outlook again. You will notice a Microsoft icon in the upper right corner. Tap on it to access the settings. You can then choose the Outlook account. Now you can copy your contacts from here by tapping “Sync Contacts”.

CompanionLink (Windows)

This is paid software for PCs. It has apps named DejaOffice that are suitable for Android. Here you will find apps for contacts, calendars, and others. You can use a Wi-Fi network or a USB cable to securely transfer Outlook data to the DejaOffice apps on your Android phone.

SyncMate for Mac

You can use SyncMate to transfer your contacts and other information from Outlook to Android mobile. You can do so directly using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB connection. This software is compatible with the Mac operating system. First, your Outlook contacts and calendars will be synced with that of Mac. Then it will be synced with your phone. It is also possible to sync the other way around.

AkrutoSync for Windows

This software uses a very secure connection to sync Outlook contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks with Android devices. It is a seamless and automatic process. The software supports different versions of Microsoft Outlook. Unlike other Outlook sync software, AkrutoSync guarantees that all your data will be transferred securely and will remain private. You will never face issues like missing important meetings due to loss of information.

Samsung Kies software

This Outlook sync software is available for Samsung phones and tablets. Along with contacts, tasks, calendars, and notes, it can sync media as well. This software supports a wide range of Samsung phones.


This software makes syncing data from Outlook to Android devices easy. Just by using your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection, or USB cable, you can transfer all your Outlook data from your PC to your Android phone. Once the data is synced you can communicate and maintain your tasks and calendars comfortably even when you are not present at your workstation. By syncing you your Outlook with mobile you are also creating a backup of all your contacts and other essential data.

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