PowerPoint vs Prezi: Unveiling the Best Animated Presentation Software

PowerPoint vs Prezi: Unveiling the Best Animated Presentation Software

A visually appealing presentation can keep the audience engaged throughout the session. Instead of preparing boring text-based presentations only, you can now create animated presentations using PowerPoint and Prezi. Both software have unique features to make your presentation more aesthetic. Though Prezi cannot exceed the popularity of PowerPoint, some unique functionalities of Prezi make it a demanding presentation software today. You must compare the features of PowerPoint vs Prezi to decide which one to use for your next academic or professional presentation.

PowerPoint vs Prezi


PowerPoint has a simple user interface that lets anyone design a good presentation. The latest version of PowerPoint has some added features that make it more interesting. You can now store your presentation in the cloud once prepared by PowerPoint. It has built-in animation features to create visually stunning presentation slides. There are lots of audio and video capabilities to make your presentation slides stand out. You can make stylish presentations using the added effects. You can now save the PowerPoint as a PDF so that your original format of the presentation doesn’t change when you open it on another device. One disadvantage of PowerPoint is that it has a linear structure. As a result, connecting the pieces of information in your presentation can be difficult.


Prezi is an open-source software that you can download easily. It has both the free and paid versions; the latter offering more features and effects. Your presentation will be available online, so you won’t have to save it on a portable drive to open the presentation on another device. Prezi has the zooming in and out option which gives your presentation a different dimension. You can keep the audience in your spell by zooming in and out between different topics and emphasizing important parts of the presentation. Unlike PowerPoint presentations, you won’t have to move from slide to slide.

The ‘slideless’ design of Prezi connects all the sections of the presentation providing a smooth transition back and forth. In PowerPoint, if you have to go back to a slide, you need to use the mouse and it’s sometimes a hassle. Prezi can also be connected to different apps like Zoom and Google Meet. So, it’s very helpful in case of presenting project materials to team members. The fact that it is ‘slideless’ makes it complicated for some users to navigate through the presentation. It may be difficult to keep the contents organized. Another drawback of this software is that the offline version is paid.


Prezi cannot beat PowerPoint’s collection of wide multimedia features. PowerPoint also provides lots of templates and customization options. Prezi, on the other hand, is preferred for teamwork and collaboration. Prezi also provides unlimited storage. So, you can create large-scale presentations packed with animations and other multi-media features without worrying about space. You can also embed your presentation into a blog. Both the presentation software have their pros and cons. You must choose one according to the style and features you want to include in the presentation.

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