Get Microsoft Excel Certified: The Best Guide

Get Microsoft Excel Certified: The Best Guide

Getting a Microsoft Excel Certification in 2024 can land you in a high-paid job. It’s one of the most demanding certifications today. Excel is a vital tool for any business; as a result, companies are constantly looking for Microsoft Excel certified professionals.

Why get Microsoft Excel certified?

Once you get Microsoft Excel certified, your chances of getting a better job in a reputed company increases. It will strengthen your resume and expand your scope of getting a job. With your advanced knowledge of MS Excel you can take up the job role of a data analyst, financial analyst or other crucial positions.

Your in-depth knowledge about MS Excel will help you automate calculations and streamline workflows. You will be able to demonstrate your skills as a good problem solver related to complex data. Thus, it will make you more productive and efficient at work. You will become a more confident person after getting the certification. As a Microsoft Excel certified professional, you can take better decisions based on your thorough data analysis.

Eligibility and requirements for certification

Before you get enrolled in this course, you should find out whether you are eligible for it. There are two levels of Excel certifications: Excel Associate and Excel Expert. You should find out your knowledge level and decide which certification will be suitable for you to meet your career goals.

Excel Associate: If you only want to have basic knowledge about Excel then you should enroll in this program. Here you will learn how to use formulas, create worksheets and charts.

Excel Expert: This certification program is for the advanced users who want to know all about Excel. Here you will learn complex tasks such as data analysis, macros, and advanced formulas.

Both certifications are available for different versions of Microsoft. So, you should choose the version you are familiar with. For both Excel Associate and Excel Expert certifications you need 150 hours of instruction. For the former you should have 150 hours of hands-on experience and for the later you need 150 hours of industry-level experience.

Certification cost and validity

The cost of both the certifications is USD 100. The certification will be valid for one year. After that you need to renew your certification to stay certified.

Certification exam

The exam will focus on topics like creating worksheets, using cells, formulas, tables, charts, and objects. You will be tested on real-life applications of the formula and functions you have learned; for example, creating financial statements, budgeting or representing data graphically.

The exam consists of two domains: objective domain and performance-based domain. In the objective-domain you will be tested on the theoretical aspects of Excel, like formula, function, table and chart management. In the performance-based approach the candidates will have to solve practical problems in a simulated environment.


Getting a Microsoft Excel certification will contribute significantly to your professional development. As Excel is evolving with time, you can stay updated with the latest features and functions by getting certified and maintaining your certification. Once you get certified, you should explore the field more by attending workshops and conferences. As this certification is globally recognized, it will open opportunities for you in the world market in various fields including finance, marketing, accounting, technology, and more.


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