The Complete Microsoft Word Course Journey

The Complete Microsoft Word Course Journey

One of the most popular text editors in the world is Microsoft Word, which is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It has become the normal way to make and change papers in a wide range of domestic, educational, and business settings. Microsoft Word is great for making all kinds of documents, from simple letters to complex reports, because it is easy to use and has a lot of tools.

Explore Microsoft Word

Explore Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a powerful word-processing software that allows users to create and edit text documents. It is known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users. Word provides many useful features, such as text formatting, page layout options, and the ability to incorporate images, tables, and other graphical elements into documents. Exploring your creativity with our Power Point tutorial.

Why Choose Our Microsoft Word Training?

Why Microsoft Word is important

Our Microsoft Word training is not just any course; it’s a journey through the functionalities and capabilities of one of the most widely used word-processing software programs in the world. Tailored for Bangla-speaking individuals, this course breaks the language barrier, making learning more accessible and effective.

The Advantages of a Microsoft Word Course for Free

Advantages of Microsoft Word Course

This overview presents the most important functions of Microsoft Word: enhancing documents with paragraph alignment and visual styling, creating professional invoices, inserting dynamic headers and footers, organizing content with columns and tables, and securing documents with watermarks. Together, these tools improve the readability, presentation, and professionalism of documents. If you want to learn more check out our Free Online Courses on Sikkhon.

How to Use Paragraphs and Alignment

Paragraphs and Alignment

Microsoft Word’s paragraph and alignment tools enhance document readability and presentation. Users can easily adjust text alignment, spacing, and indentation, ensuring a clean and professional look. This feature is essential for creating well-organized, visually appealing documents quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Word’s Shapes and Images

Microsoft Word's Shapes and Images

Word is capable of editing shapes and graphics in addition to text. Users may easily add graphic components to documents using this functionality. Word makes adding shapes and pictures and changing their size, location, and formatting easy. These skills are necessary for developing visually appealing and useful businesses. presentations, instructional materials, and innovative projects.

Making Professional Invoices

Professional Invoices

With Microsoft Word, it’s easy and quick to make excellent invoices. The program lets users make bills that are not only useful but also show their brand through a variety of themes and editing options. This feature is especially helpful for freelancers and small business owners who want to keep their payment processes looking professional.

Dynamic Header and Footer Insertion

Header and Footer

Adding heads and footers to a document in Microsoft Word makes it look more professional and consistent. Word makes this process easier, whether you want to number pages, add a company logo, or list the authors. This function is very helpful for professional documents that need to be formatted in a standard way, like reports, academic papers, and official emails.

Organizing Content with Columns and Tables

Columns and Tables

Microsoft Word’s columns and tables feature is essential for organizing content in a more readable and visually appealing way. It allows users to effectively structure text and data, making it ideal for newsletters, brochures, or financial reports. The ease of customizing column widths and table formats makes Word a powerful tool for clear data presentation and document layout.

Implementing Watermarks for Document Security

Watermarks for Document Security

Using watermarks in Microsoft Word adds a layer of security and professionalism to your documents. Whether it’s for branding purposes or to mark a document as confidential, inserting a watermark is a simple process. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses and individuals who need to protect their document integrity and establish ownership.

Expert MS Word Skills with Sikkhon

Expert MS Word

Join Sikkhon’s Free Microsoft Word Course to quickly master essential skills. Learn from basic document management to advanced formatting, including professional CV and invoice creation, image and table handling, and watermarking. Gain practical tips and expert insights for effective Word use in any professional setting. You can also check out Excel training courses.

Microsoft Word Course Outline


Course Content

01 Getting Started: Create and Save New Documents
02 Working with Text, Font Style, and Formatting Text
03 How To Type Faster
04 Text Alignment, Line Spacing
05 How to Use Bullets and Numbering
06 Uppercase & Lowercase – Text Background Color
07 How to Use Tables – Understanding Rows, Columns, and Design
08 Merge & Split Tables – How to Add or Remove Rows
09 Exercise Class: Invoice Design
10 How to Insert Image – Insert Photo in CV
11 How to Add Watermarks – Use Picture Tool
12 Letterhead Design, PAD Design
13 Shape Tool – How to Insert and Edit Shapes
14 How to Use Page Size, Margins, and Ruler
15 Check Spelling and Grammar – How to Use Find and Replace
16 Professional Cover Page, Working With SmartArt
17 Printing and Page Setup, Page Size, and Margins
18 How to Create Admission Form Design
19 Professional CV/RESUME Design In Word Bangla
20 Typing Technique – How to Type Bangla


Microsoft Word’s comprehensive features make it essential for a wide range of document-creation tasks. The Sikkhon Free Microsoft Word Course empowers users of all levels to master these capabilities, enhancing both professional and personal document management skills. Seize this opportunity to elevate your proficiency in Word, a crucial tool in today’s digital world.

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