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MS PowerPoint Full Course (Bangla)

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About Course

The Complete PowerPoint Tutorial for Great Presentations

Welcome to our full, free tutorial on how to use MS PowerPoint. The goal of this online course is to help you learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation program that lets you combine text, forms, images, pictures, slides, videos, and more. Taking this class will give you the skills you need to make presentations that look professional quickly and effortlessly. You can learn at your own pace with our user-friendly, expert-led online classes and master PowerPoint in no time.

Why Should You Choose This PowerPoint Course?

The course is designed to your culture for a smooth learning experience. This method improves learning and instructional relevance. Learning topics in a culturally relevant environment helps you integrate and apply new abilities naturally.

  • Adaptive Learning: Our course is designed to be culturally intuitive, making complex concepts easy to grasp and apply.
  • Clear, Step-by-Step Tutorials: Each module is presented through straightforward video tutorials, ensuring an easy learning process for all.
  • Versatile Skill Building: From basic features to advanced design techniques, this course covers everything you need to create impactful presentations.
  • Real-World Application: With a focus on practical skills, you’ll be equipped to apply what you learn in both professional and personal contexts.

A Look at the Course:

  • Starting with PowerPoint: Learn to create, open, and save presentations.
  • Text and Paragraphs: Gain expertise in text alignment and bullet points.
  • Shapes and Design: Use the Shape Tool for creative presentation designs.
  • Slide Management: Master slide creation and layout adjustments.
  • Images and Visuals: Enhance your slides with pictures and clip art.
  • Animation and Transitions: Bring presentations to life with dynamic effects.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand how to work with different PowerPoint layouts.
  2. Develop the ability to create high-quality slides and presentations.
  3. Learn practical skills through an exercise class focused on presentation creation.

Course Structure: Our MS PowerPoint Tutorial is carefully put together into 9 detailed video lessons. Each section focuses on a different part of PowerPoint, making sure that you learn everything you need to know.

Learn more from Sikkhon: Expand your digital skills by exploring our MS Word, and MS Excel Courses. Also, don’t forget to check our variety of Free courses for more educational opportunities.

Course Requirements: This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning PowerPoint, regardless of their prior experience.

Join Us Today: Start on your journey to mastering Microsoft PowerPoint by enrolling in our free tutorial. Visit MS PowerPoint Tutorial to start enhancing your presentation skills today. Learning is just a click away!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Work with Peragraph, Alignments
  • Using Transitions and Animations
  • Work With Images and Shapes
  • Work With Slide
  • Work with PowerPoint Layouts
  • Create high quality slides and presentations

Course Content

All Videos Step by Step

  • 01- Getting Started – Open, Save, Text Design
  • 02- Work With Paragraphs, Text alignment, Bullets
  • 03 – Work With Shape Tool – Shape Tool Design
  • 04- Creating Slides, Work With Slide Layout
  • 05- Insert Pictures, Picture Tool, Clip Art In Slide
  • 06- How To Create a PowerPoint Presentation
  • 07- Exercise Class: Create A Presentation
  • 08- Work With Animation – Using Effects
  • 09- Save and print PowerPoint presentation
  • Convert word to powerpoint

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