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Advanced Excel Formulas

5 Important Advanced Excel Skills for Professionals

Microsoft Excel is a very demanding software in various industries. It is important to know the advanced Excel skills for professionals to help them do their work more efficiently. Excel has evolved over the years with more advanced features. Having advanced knowledge of Excel can help in career growth. Here are some essential advanced Excel

Excel formulas

Most Frequently Used Excel Functions You Should Know

Whether you want to calculate your monthly home expenses or analyze a set of complex data, Microsoft Excel will be the best tool. It is very handy with simple user interface. You can create charts and reports within a short time. Excel offers numerous functions and formulas to make your work easier. Many people use

Excel functions

Mastering Microsoft Excel’s IF-THEN Function: For Better Decision Making

If you have worked with Microsoft Excel, you will agree that its IF-THEN function is very impressive. It helps in data analysis and decision making, especially for those working with financial models. The basic structure of the IF-THEN Function The IF-THEN function’s basic structure is simple: =IF(condition, value if true, value if false) For example: =IF(B3>200,

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