Troubleshooting Tips If Your Outlook is Not Sending Emails

Troubleshooting Tips If Your Outlook is Not Sending Emails

Emails are an integral part of our personal and professional lives and many people use Microsoft Outlook for this job. Suppose you have sent a leave application for illness to your boss by Outlook which never reached him. When you clicked the ‘send’ button, your message did go through so you didn’t bother to check your outbox for confirmation. When Microsoft Outlook is not sending emails, the situation can be disastrous.  If you check your outbox, you will notice that your mail is in the queue. Sometimes, you may experience this kind of bad day. So, what to do if your Outlook is not sending your emails? Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try.

Resend the message

When you send an email, your email’s status gets updated and placed in the outbox. However, if you open the email accidentally while sending it, your email will end up in the outbox, but won’t be sent. You will need to resend the email manually.

Recheck the receiver’s email address

You may type the recipient’s email address wrong for which the email was unsent. So, double-check the receiver’s address. If you have typed it wrong, then get the correct email address and send it again.

Check the send option selected

Outlook provides multiple email-sending options. You can either choose to send it immediately or after specific hours or days. So, you should check whether the send option is set to ‘Send Immediately’ or not. If a deferred sent option is selected then that’s the reason why your email didn’t reach its destination. You will find the send option in the ‘Tools’ tab, ‘Mail Setup’ option.

Check outbox folder

Your emails may not get sent if the outbox folder is damaged. You can create a new outbox folder and transfer all your messages there. Once your outbox is fixed, your emails will be sent without any disruption.

Ensure online mode

You can work on both online and offline modes in Microsoft Outlook. If you have worked in the offline mode, your email won’t be sent unless you switch to the online mode. So, make sure that your device is connected to an internet service.

Restart Outlook

Sometimes restarting Outlook may bring everything in order. To do so you should first close Outlook from the Task Manager and click ‘End task’. Then open Outlook again.

Look at the file attachment

Outlook has a limit to the size of the file you can send along with your email. If you have crossed the file size limit, your email won’t be delivered. Outlook provides a 20 MB limit. Therefore, reduce file size and resend the email along with the attachment.


You can do most of the fixes yourself. If your email issue still doesn’t get fixed, you must consult an IT expert. If you are using Outlook, you need to understand its various features so that if you have an issue sending email, you can solve it within a short time. Outlook has rich features to make your email sending and receiving experience comfortable.


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