transpose () function

3 Ways to Transpose Data in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel offers a range of features that allow users to work effectively and efficiently. It has unique functions to save you time. Among other things, you can transpose data  in Microsoft Excel. Suppose, you have created a table with several rows and columns. Now you decide that the positions of data are not right,

Advanced Excel Formulas

5 Important Advanced Excel Skills for Professionals

Microsoft Excel is a very demanding software in various industries. It is important to know the advanced Excel skills for professionals to help them do their work more efficiently. Excel has evolved over the years with more advanced features. Having advanced knowledge of Excel can help in career growth. Here are some essential advanced Excel

cannot start Microsoft Outlook

 Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook: 4 Ways to Resolve the Issue

‘Cannot start Microsoft Outlook?’ Well, there is nothing to panic about. It’s not abnormal to get this message when you use Outlook as your email partner. Before you get this message you will see an hourglass icon that is hanging for some time and then get that error message. There may be several reasons why

consistency in presentation

Tips for Ensuring Consistency in Presentation: PowerPoint or Keynote

Whether you are creating your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote, it is not easy to capture your audience for the entire duration of a presentation. In many cases, the audience will lose the connection with you. For creating a good presentation consistency throughout the presentation is important. Here are some tips for ensuring

sync Outlook with your iPhone

3 Best Ways to Sync Your Outlook Calendar with iPhone

Microsoft Outlook offers a bundle of useful solutions for readers from managing emails and contacts to maintaining calendars and journals. It is a handy software for busy people. The use of mobile phones has increased; people are using their smartphones to complete office tasks. Many professionals are working remotely. So, mobile phones have become a

Microsoft Word

Things You Must Know About Microsoft Word

If you are looking for software to create professional-looking reports, documents, or letters then you will think of using Microsoft Word. It is one of the most used software in the world. It is a very handy tool for processing words. Along with entering and editing data, you can do a whole range of work

graphic illustrations

Using Graphic Illustrations in Web Design

With most companies now having an online presence through a website, it has become mandatory to create websites with unique designs to stand out. One of the best ways to do so is to include graphic illustrations in web design. It can add a new dimension to your website and keep your audiences engaged. Benefits

table of contents

Creating Table of Contents with Ease Using Microsoft Word

If you are working on multiple documents then ‘Table of Contents’ will add a lot of value. It mentions the main topics covered in the document. It also guides to the right page for specific information. This section of any document whether it’s an academic report, business proposal, or a book, has a particular format.

Excel formulas

Most Frequently Used Excel Functions You Should Know

Whether you want to calculate your monthly home expenses or analyze a set of complex data, Microsoft Excel will be the best tool. It is very handy with simple user interface. You can create charts and reports within a short time. Excel offers numerous functions and formulas to make your work easier. Many people use


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