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Website Design – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Course (Bangla)

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About Course

Become a Web Designer: HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap Training

Welcome to our in-depth HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap training course, which aims to turn beginners into competent web designers. This online training course provides an in-depth guide to web programming, with a focus on the fundamental elements of HTML, the styling skills of CSS, and the responsiveness of Bootstrap, all taught by a knowledgeable lecturer.

Course Overview: Your Journey to Learning Web Design

This course is carefully designed to help you learn HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. What you will learn is this:

  • HTML Mastery: Start with the basics of HTML syntax, understanding tags, elements, and global attributes. Grasp how to structure content effectively and create visually appealing layouts.
  • CSS Styling: Learn how to bring your HTML content to life with CSS. We cover everything from basic styling to advanced techniques, ensuring your websites are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing.
  • Bootstrap for Responsive Design: Dive into Bootstrap, the popular framework that enables you to create responsive, mobile-first websites with ease. Understand the grid system and how to apply Bootstrap components for rapid web development.
  • Practical Skills for Real-World Application: Through a series of practical exercises and project-based learning, apply your knowledge to build a fully functional website.

Why Enroll in Our HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap Courses?

Dive into a learning experience where innovation is key. This course offers more than just the basics of web design; it’s a hands-on journey to mastering real-world applications. Learn from industry experts, gain valuable insights, and join a community of successful alumni. Designed for both skill enhancement and career advancement, our flexible modules fit any schedule, paving your way to becoming a skilled web designer.

Learning objectives

  • The basic syntax of HTML elements
  • Formatting content
  • Displaying images
  • Creating links
  • Global HTML attributes
  • Building navigation
  • Structuring content
  • Building forms
  • Creating tables
  • Using CSS
  • Creating the First website
  • Using Bootstrap, Grid system
  • Build a Responsive Bootstrap Website
  • Jquery effect using


Enhance Your Learning with Additional Resources

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Ready to Start Your Web Design Journey?

Join us in this HTML CSS and Bootstrap course and embark on a journey to becoming a proficient web designer. With practical skills, expert guidance, and a focus on current industry practices, you’ll be well-equipped to create stunning websites and carve a niche for yourself in the digital world. Ready for a transformative career leap? Join us now!

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Course Content

Part 01 > HTML Fundamentals

  • 01 – Introduction to HTML
  • 02 – What is Tag, Tag using
  • 03 – Text formatting – Bold, Italic, Underline
  • 04 – Text Elements: Lists (ul, li ol, li)

Part 02 > Images And Graphics

Part 03 > Exercise Class

Part 04 > CSS Fundamentals

Part 05 > Layout Fundamentals

Part 06 > Exercise Class

Part 07 > Layout Designing

Part 08 > Form Design

Part 09 > Working With Effects

Part 10 > Build Responsive Bootstrap Website

Part 11 > Conclusion

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