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About Course

Our Professional Gmail Tutorial Course In 2024

Our Gmail tutorial will help you get the most out of Gmail and improve your business communication skills. This guide will show you how to set up and improve your Gmail account, which is an important step in today’s digital workplace. With a focus on real-world uses, our course walks you through all of Gmail’s many features, so you can better handle your email and use Google’s powerful tools for business success.

Why This Gmail Tutorial?

  • In-Depth Learning: From basic account setup to advanced Gmail functionalities.
  • Enhanced Security: Learn to fortify your Gmail account against hackers.
  • Google Integration: Explore the synergy between Gmail and other Google tools.

Course Highlights:

  1. Account Setup: Step-by-step guide on creating a Gmail account.
  2. Email Security: Implement Gmail’s 2-step verification for enhanced security.
  3. Efficient Email Management: Tips on sending emails, creating signatures, and more.
  4. Google Drive Mastery: Learn to upload, download, view, and share files effectively.
  5. Recovery Techniques: Strategies to recover deleted emails.

Detailed Course Content:

Our Gmail course is meticulously organized into 11 videos, each focusing on a vital aspect of Gmail usage and management.

  1. Navigation and Introduction to Google Products
  2. Creating a Gmail Account
  3. Securing Your Gmail Account
  4. Personalizing Gmail with Themes
  5. Email Composition and Sending Techniques
  6. Crafting Professional Gmail Signatures
  7. Recovering Deleted Emails
  8. Advanced Email Search and Management
  9. Changing and Securing Your Gmail Password
  10. Utilizing Google Drive for File Management
  11. Importing and Backing Up Contacts

Expand Your Email Expertise:

After learning Gmail, improve your email management skills with our Outlook course. Also, explore a wide range of Free courses available on our platform for continuous learning.

Course Requirements:

This Gmail course is designed for learners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals looking to refine their email management skills.

Join the Course Today:

With our Gmail Professional Essentials Course, dive into the field of professional email management. Go to the Gmail Professional Course to begin your path to becoming an expert in Gmail. Boost your ability to communicate in the modern digital era!

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to open a Gmail account
  • Secure Gmail Account From Hackers
  • Gmail signature
  • How to send Email
  • Google Drive: How to upload files
  • How to recover deleted emails

Course Content

All Videos Step By Step

  • 01- Getting Started – Navigation – Products
  • 02- How to open a Gmail account – Create a Gmail account
  • 03- Gmail 2 step verification : Secure Gmail Account From Hackers
  • 04- How to change Gmail background || Gmail Themes Change
  • 05- How to send Email from Gmail
  • 06- Gmail signature with image || Attach file in gmail
  • 07- How to recover deleted emails from Gmail
  • 08- Search Email Using name, mobile, date, size
  • 09- how to change gmail password, gmail password
  • 10- Google Drive: How to upload, download, view, and share files
  • 11- Import Contacts from Phone to Gmail, backup

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